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If you are not satisfied with our service, we are here to help.

The turnaround time of every project begins after payment has been made, not the date of uploading of files.

You have ten calendar days to request a refund from the date you received the completed work.

If you make a refund request after ten days due to problems with quality, 60% will be charged on the

already made payment for a rework to be done in a short period.

Refund request is only accepted for an excellent and good quality of the source material (in typing, translation and transcription projects).

We will proofread and do a rework on your project, before granting any refund request.

If the quality of the revalidation and rework submitted fail to meet our quality standard, then the refund request will be accepted and refund made, meeting the terms provided above.

Refunds request for unclear source files, handwritten documents and Rush jobs are not accepted. In such a situation, one-time free rework will be carried out without any extra charge.