Achieving highest share of transcription and translation niche at the most affordable prices.
Building long term relations with clients by providing accurate, satisfactory and up to the mark results.
Our moral principles differentiate us from our competitors. We give lifetime guarantee for the work done by us.
We consider ourselves accountable for the work done by us.
Accuracy is what defines us. We provide accurate results exactly according to the requirements.
Diversity is our core competency. We believe in bringing innovation through diversity.
Company Overview
We provide services for various aspects of Machine Learning (ML) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) i.e. Machine Translation (MT), Speech-to-Text conversion (Transcription), Captioning, Video Labeling, Subtitling and Audio recordings based on various domains and topics. Transcribe Guru was founded in 2018 and became operational at the start of 2019 with MabMedia Global and NewsMonitor as one of its very first clients. Transcribe Guru was founded by two very young and innovative minds residing in totally opposite corners of Pakistan. The notion of founding Transcribe Guru was influenced by the dominance of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Machine Translation (MT) for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). We own a global Workforce of more than 500 employees with majority from Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Libya, Brazil, Pakistan, Portugal, China, and Palestine.
Some Companies we worked with:

Workforce: Argentina, Afghanistan, Brazil, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, and Palestine.
Speech and Text Data (Transcription)
⦁ Video to text
⦁ Audio to text
⦁ Image to text
All type of services available in the following language pairs:
⦁ Arabic
⦁ Dari
⦁ Farsi/Persian
⦁ Hausa
⦁ Hindi
⦁ Nepali
⦁ Pashto
⦁ Portuguese (Brazil)
⦁ Portuguese (Portugal)
⦁ Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)
⦁ Swahili
⦁ Urdu

Video Labelling
Annotation for object detection, activity labeling frame by frame and more according to the requirements
Audio Annotation
Dialect identification, pronunciation, speaker demographics and more.
Translation between different languages pair with all the additional requirements fulfilled.
Every activity and sound detection along with the speech.
Voice Content:
Voice recorded in any language based on any domain and scenario for content creation.